Heaven Sent Placenta Encapsulation Services

Services and Fees

Services Offered

 Placenta Capsules: The standard package includes your  encapsulated placenta and umbilical cord keepsake (upon request).

Umbilical Cord Keepsake:  The umbilical cord is not included in the capsules. Instead, it is dried separately and presented in a cloth pouch to keep. It provides a loving memory of the first connection between mother and baby.

Placenta Print:  Standard prints are made with your fresh placenta and the natural blood onto heavy watercolor paper. It's a wonderful way to commemorate your placenta's beauty. This works well with decorative papers as well. Do you have another artistic idea you'd like to try? Contact me and we'll discuss it!

Herbal Power Capsules: You can also add an extra boost to your capsules by adding herbs. You may choose from any herb in my library however the most commonly added herbs are St Johns Wort, Alfalfa, Red Raspberry Leaf, Yarrow Leaf, and Nettle. It is your responsibility to research each herb. All of my herbs are purchased from Mountain Rose Herbs which sell only the highest quality, organic herbs. 

Placenta Tincture:  Also available in addition to Placenta Capsules is a Placenta Tincture which is a homeopathic Placenta Remedy for Mother. A portion of the raw placenta is tinctured before encapsulation to create a long-lasting, pure placenta 'mother' tincture. This remedy extends the life of the placenta by giving you the same benefits that your capsules give long after your capsules are gone. Many women swear by this long-lasting remedy for help with PMS, depression, menopause, etc.  This loving gift from your child's birth will keep on giving health benefits to you for years to come.

Placenta Chocolates:  A small portion of your powdered placenta is made into beautiful and delicious heart shaped chocolates.  

Placenta Salve:  Placenta has been a key ingredient in expensive healing and beauty creams and salves for many years.  Many eye-creams and anti-aging serums use human or sheep placenta extract for its skin restorative qualities. I can prepare a soothing salve using nourishing oils and a small amount of the powder from the new mother’s placenta capsules. Mothers report that the salve soothes, reduces inflammation, relieves pain and itchiness, and promotes healing when applied to cesarean scars, perineal injuries, stretch marks, sore nipples, rashes, eczema, sun and heat burns, and other skin ailments.

$175.00 - I will pick up your placenta at an agreed upon time from the place of delivery and drop off the finished capsules within 2-4 days of pick up. 

$150.00 - You will arrange for someone to drop off your placenta at my home and pick up the capsules, likely the following day or two.

$35.00 – Placenta Tincture (Includes a 4oz amber bottle with the “Mother”, a 2oz amber bottle with dropper for administration, and instruction for use.)

$25.00 - Twin pregnancy - fee for extra placenta preparation 

FREE - Umbilical Cord Keepsake

$40.00 - Placenta Chocolates

$35.00 - Placenta Salve

$2.00 (each) - Herbs added to capsules 

 - Placenta Print (stamp of your placenta).

$25.00 - Trip charge - more than 25 miles from my home  in Mesa, AZ 85204 (max 40 miles). I do not service Del Webb Hospital

Please note that I am also a birth doula. In the event that I am called to a birth there may be a delay of 24 hours or more in preparing your placenta.

I will provide a written explanation of the proper storing and handling of the finished placenta capsules and guidelines for daily ingestion.

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