Heaven Sent Placenta Encapsulation Services

How It's Done

I process each placenta using the RAW method. During this process the placenta is sliced and placed on the dehydrator. The placenta is dehydrated for at least 18 hours at 160 degrees. Once fully dehydrated the placenta is ground into powder which is then placed into capsules. I believe that the RAW method of encapsulating increases the hormonal and nutritional value of the placenta, by not "cooking" off any of the hormones or nutrients as would be done if using the TCM method. 

I take great care in the handling of your placenta and my sanitizing process. Placenta providers offer different options and methods of processing. The services offered and methods of processing used are what I believe to be the safest for my clients based on research, food safety guidelines, and OSHA standards.  I am both Blood Borne Pathogen and ServSafe Certified. Please reach out with any and all questions.

Commonly Asked Questions

How do I know I am getting capsules made with my placenta?   Even with the best of labeling systems, mix-ups are possible.  To ensure the client's safety and to guarantee they are receiving capsules made with their placenta I never process more than one placenta at a time.

Where does the placenta get processed for encapsulation?  All placentas are processed in a designated room in my home that I use for my business. I do not offer in home services. 

When do we call you?  You can text me once labor has started to give me a heads-up but this is not a must.  Do let me know once you have the placenta by sending me a simple text message or phone call to 480-233-4404 so we can arrange pick up.  If baby is born in the middle of the night please wait until the following morning to contact me. My pick up hours are from 9am-6pm. If baby is born after 6pm pick up will occur the following morning. I guarantee pick up within 24 hours after you contacting me. Please note that depending on my schedule for the day, pick up may be several hours after you contact me. However, I make every effort to get to you as soon as possible. Please do not email me to let me know you’re ready for pick up, many days I only check my email once in the morning and once at night.

What if I have the baby in the middle of the night?  If you give birth at night, pick up will occur the following day.  

How do I preserve my placenta for pick up/drop off? always suggest putting someone (partner, friend, doula) in charge of the placenta. Make sure they inform your care provider right after baby is born that you are keeping your placenta so that it doesn't accidentally get put in the trash. Typically the nursing staff will put it in a container for you at that point. You will need to bring a cooler (can be the cheap styrofoam ones) with you to the hospital as most valley hospitals require that the placenta be removed from the premises within one hour after birth. Since I do not pick up placentas in the middle of the night and it can sometimes be several hours after delivery before I can pick up I recommend placing the container in your cooler filled with ice and keeping that placenta in your vehicle until I can pick up. It is most important that the placenta is kept chilled to ensure freshness so the cooler will need to be filled with ice before being taken out to your vehicle. This can be done by using the hospitals ice machine. It is also recommended that you bring a gallon size Ziploc bag with you to the hospital just in case the hospital is out of containers (this has happened). If your care provider wants your placenta taken to pathology for any reason ask that they just take a small piece for testing because once in pathology they do treat the placenta with formaldehyde which would deem the placenta unusable. If they do feel the need for testing a small piece please contact me for further instructions. This rarely happens but I do like to prepare you just in case. 

Can a frozen placenta be encapsulated?  Many placentas can be encapsulated once frozen depending on a few factors.  These include when it was frozen, how it was stored, how long it has been frozen and if it has ever thawed.  Please contact me to discuss the possibility.

Can I still encapsulate if I have an epidural or c-section?  Most mothers have epidurals and many mothers have  c-sections.  There have been no known or reported issues with encapsulating after either of these procedures.

Can I have my placenta encapsulated if I am taking medications?  Many women have chosen to encapsulate while taking medications and have not reported any issues.  Please contact me to discuss the medication and any possible contraindications it may have.

What forms of payment do you accept and when is payment due?  Payment in full is due when I pick up your placenta or it is dropped off to me and CASH is requested. Deposits are not required since most of the reasons clients don't follow through with using this service are out of their control.

What areas do you service?  I service Phoenix and all surrounding cities. I do charge a $25 travel fee for distances further than 25 miles from my home in Mesa, 85204 (max 40 miles).  I DO NOT service Del Webb Hospital. 

See How It's Done

Disclaimer: This is not a video of me. I only include this to give a general idea of the process. All encapsulators have different techniques and procedures they follow when it comes to equipment and sanitation.

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