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To reserve your spot on my calendar please fill out the form below. This will reserve your spot on my calendar. From there I will send you my agreement via Adobe Document Cloud which allows you to fill out and sign my agreement online. If for any reason you do not get an email with my agreement within a couple days of filling out the below form please let me know. 

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Below is a copy of my agreement for review however once the above form is filled out I will send you my agreement via Adobe Document Cloud to be filled out and signed online.

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 This agreement will need to be signed sometime before delivery. If for some reason you deliver early or found me after your baby is born we will worry about the agreement when I come to pick up your placenta. If you have any current STD's I will need to know prior to picking up your placenta as I do not work with any blood borne pathogens. If you have a question about this please contact me because not all exempt you from encapsulation. All information given is kept confidential. 

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Client Testimonials

"I could go on for days about just how wonderful both Amanda and the placenta encapsulation process were! There is no question that she was born to do this line of work- she is a natural! She was incredibly knowledgeable and supportive throughout the entire pregnancy process. My husband and I were moving across country just weeks after our babies birth, so it was very important for me to take the best care of myself. After speaking with Amanda, and doing my homework, I felt that the placenta capsules would be a great benefit. Amanda provided them to us in no time following the birth, so I was able to start taking them shortly after. I experienced a quick recovery, had lots of energy, and no drastic drops in hormones. I would do it all over again, and wish that Amanda were closer for our next baby! You will be so grateful to have her with you during such a special and intimate time in your life!"
Lily M.

"I hired Heaven Sent Placenta Encapsulation for my most recent birth. I decided to do placenta encapsulation because the benefits are amazing. My family has a history of depression. The placenta pills help stabilize my mood and make me feel great post partum. Amanda is a true professional and had my product to me in a couple of days. I'm completely satisfied with the level of service I received."
Jaime S.

"Amanda is absolutely wonderful!!! She helped out so much with anything my husband and I needed. She went way above and beyond with getting my placenta encapsulated for us, even when we had unexpected situations arise with having to go to the hospital. She also got my beautiful happy pills, placenta print and cord keepsake back to me so quick!! I will never have my placenta encapsulated anywhere else! If you are thinking of getting this done, please do. Amanda can help with any questions you have. She is so knowledgeable in so many different areas. I am very blessed to have had her create these wonderful pills and keepsakes for me. I cannot wait to have her help us again with our next baby! :) Thanks Amanda, we love you!!! xoxo"
Crystal S.

"I found Amanda online and saw that she got great reviews. The process to set up the encapsulation before birth was quick and easy. Amanda returned my placenta capsules very quickly after birth so that I could start taking them ASAP. The presentation was adorable (super cute gift bag and darling bottle to store the pills in) and makes me happy every time I go to the fridge to take a pill. I also was surprised with the sweet and sentimental cord keepsake. My baby is now a week old a and I have tons of energy, sleeping great, no sign of baby blues/postpartum depression and tons of milk! I am so grateful for Amanda and Heaven Sent!"
Abby D. 

"I had twins 2 months ago and Amanda encapsulated both my placentas (fraternal twins). Thank you so much for the placenta pills and for the prompt and excellent service you provided to us!!"
Dieyna K. 

"Thank you very much for my “Happy Pills.” I wish I would have done this my first pregnancy. I was worried about having a huge hormone drop being pregnant with twins this go-around. It has been 3 weeks since their birth and I can honestly say that I feel better than I could have ever imagined. I have energy, I feel balanced, and I have been healing faster and dropping weight quickly. I attribute it all to your services. Thank you very much for helping me restore balance!! Love, love, love Heaven Sent Placenta Encapsulation Services. "
Minda G. 

“Wow what can I say Amanda provided and amazing service and experience for me.  After speaking with many different encapsulation service providers, I felt that Amanda would provide the best, most efficient, and hygienic service.  She was so helpful in explaining the process of what she does and how she handled my placenta.  I loved that she offered herbs and other services like the placenta stamp keepsake and the cord heart.  I would highly recommend Heaven Sent Placenta Encapsulation Services to anyone looking to have a wonderful experience encapsulating their placenta.
Thank you again Amanda,
Kelly L

“If there is one thing expectant mothers should do to prepare for their baby, it's contacting Amanda for her services with encapsulation.  The capsules help me heal faster and I suffered no postpartum issues.    She was very professional and came to my house to prepare them.  Neither I, nor my family had to deal with any "ickiness"  she was very clean and through.  Don't forget that a happy and health baby starts with a happy and healthy mom.  Amanda makes sure that moms have a jump start to recovery.”
Zoe R.

"Amanda is so good at what she does! Not only is she prompt and professional, she is also very warm and caring. I know she puts her heart and soul into her business because I've seen it first hand, both as a doula and as a client! I've referred many of my clients and friends to her because of the high level of quality she provides. When it came time to choose an encapsulator for my own birth, she was my first choice. Love you, Amanda!!!"
Anne R.

"Amazing service, I delivered 2 weeks early and Amanda was able to have my pills ready the next day! I feel incredible! I had problems with supply with my first child, with this baby my milk came in before I left the hospital!" 
Brittany C. 

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